Even the best creative people can struggle translating client input. Having a consistent way to brief the creative department can dramatically improve your agency’s most important product; your creative.

Two ways to fix your creative product.
One, you could hire me to do the campaign.

Or.  Let me introduce you to a proven way to develop creative briefs that produce a better creative product the first time, without hours of costly revisions. Why does this work? Because this process ensures your creative is relevant to its target audience and strategically focused on your client’s objective.

Tested by success.
As a creative director and agency manager for over twenty years, I have developed creative briefs that give people the discipline and freedom to exceed their own as well as client expectations. Campaigns that have won awards and results. Download the attached sampler of recent campaigns that are proof this process works.

Improve your creative in just 4 hours.
In one four hour workshop, you and your staff, both creative and account team can learn how to write an actionable creative brief. The creative team will discover where to look for ideas. The account team will learn how to uncover key insights. Your agency will be more efficient and your clients will be happier.

Learn how to:

• Develop a focused   backgrounder

• Define the role of   communications

• Bring your target audience
to life

• Write a compelling customer   promise

• Set measurements for   success

Each customized workshop includes the review and editing of your first three creative briefs.

Don't let your
creative department hold
your agency back.
Get started today.
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